Hands Of Fate

текст песни Allegiance

Crusing through life aways playing the fool
Live my life with no veneration my temptation
I am the one who takes the law in my own hands
To serve my own master, disrespect ay my command

On this fateful night I push my luck too far
My fate beyond the wheel intoxicated disregard
The fervour starts to unlesh myself control
I suddenly forsee my life to unfold

Now as I tempt the hands of fate
I'm left to confront my fatal mistake
Now as I die by the hands of fate
I glimpse at the lives I now devastate

In my carefree world I do as I please
Adrenaline rush takes my mind, danger is my release
My thoughts in turmoil, my self control in disaary
But I don't care, live or die, I'm living for to-day

As I start to push my speed around the bend
I suddenly miss the turn and kill my best friend
Panic Stricken I am in a state of fear
I'm screaming out for help but there's no one to hear

My body starts to surrender I cannot carry on
I find it hard to breath adn my hopes are all gone
As I lay awake in this living nightmare

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