Chain Reaction

текст песни Beck

comin thru the barricades cutting the lines
the red lights goin round like insanity sirens
the end of the galaxy the middle of the road
where the blackout moons cut the weather of souls
black engines grind down teeth are raw
the rubber juggernaut rots in a shattering jaw
helter skelter bulldozers runnin over the block
where a pawn shop clock is ticking out like a bomb

whoo!! its a chain reaction

like a chain reaction blowing out of my arms
shoot every paranoid phantom that's done me harm
like a desolate specter in a pummel of fists
kicking against the pricks, burning black like wicks
they spit pig iron, tell you nothing is wrong
put a heart on a pike sing a resurrection song
for a paralyzed mind in a kerosene jar
barracuda believer with a heathen guitar
apocalyptic nostalgia tokens
dark arks set sail for antarctica oceans

its a chain reaction

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