Ground Zero Brooklin

текст песни Carnivore

Home watching star trek
Everything's O.K.
Little do I know
Soviet missiles are on the way
The bastards set loose
The war Gods tyr and lok
Weatherman's predicting rain
But fire it'll be
Minutemen launching, air sirens
Warheads detonating cremating haunting
I'm living at - Ground Zero
I'm burning at
I'm frying at
From my bed I hear the sirens
Screaming of foreboding
Populus escapine highways over loading
Bridge is down tunnel's flooded
Only got six minutes
Head between my legs, I kiss my ball goodbye
They're finished
Mx's blasting, skyscrapers crashing
Fall out liberated, we're wasted
Jesus I beg of thee
Don't take my life
Return me to the womb
From which I was torn
Birth is a sin
And the punishment is death
I wish you had left me unborn
I shit my ponts as I wait for the reaper

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