The Lunatic Parade

текст песни Exodus

Look at all the freaks!
Lined up head to head
They wait for out arrival
Some are here for the show
Some are here to watch
And some to preach the bible
Hats off to the faithful
That come to waltz with us
They're doing what they wanna
Come on to the next show
Parade along with us
You won't be forgotten
You won't be forgotten

Listen to the freak show
Shouting to our songs
They sound like charging rhino
A place to meet an old friend
A place to meet some new
You can always follow
You wanna meet the clowns
When the circus comes to town?
Gather all around!
We'll remember all of you
Unless our crew dismembers you!

Come in from hell or wherever you came
Slums of the world are to us all the same
Step up and join us now and don't be afraid
Our party's starting to become a charade!

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