Made In Heaven

текст песни Freddie Mercury

I'm taking my right in destiny, willing to play my part,
Living with painful memories, loving with all my heart,
Made in heaven, made in heaven, it was all meant to be, yeah
Made in heaven, made in heaven.

That's what they say,can't you see
That's what everybody says to me, can't you see
Oh, I know, I know, I know that it's true
Yes it's really meant to be deep in my heart.

I'm having to learn to pay the price
They're turning me upside down
Waiting for possibilities, don't see too many around
Made in heaven, yes, made in heaven, it's for all to see
Made in heaven, made in heaven

That's what everybody says, everybody says to me
It was really meant to be, oh can't you see
Yeah, everybody, everybody says, yes it was meant to be
Yeah, yeah.

When stormy weather comes around
It was made in heaven
When sunny skies break through behind the clouds
I wish it could last forever, wish it could last forever
For ever, ... made in heaven.

I'm playing my role in history, lloking to find my goal
Taking in all this misery, but giving it all my soul
Made in heaven, made in heaven, it was all meant to be

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