My Black Dahlia

текст песни Hollywood Undead

Johnny 3 Tears:

I loved you, you made me, hate me. You gave me, hate, see?. It saved me and these tears are deadly.
You feel that? I rip back, every time you tried to steal that. You feel bad? you feel sad? I’m sorry,
hell no fuck that! It was my heart, it was my life, it was my start, it was your knife. This strife
it dies, this life and these lies. And these lungs have sung this song for too long, and its true I
hurt too, remember I loved you!

(Chorus) Tha Producer aka Da Seducer:

I've , Lost it all, fell today, It’s all the same
I'm sorry oh
I'm sorry no

I've , been abused, I feel so used, because of you
I'm sorry oh
I'm sorry no

J-Dog aka The Flat Iron Chef:

I wish I could I could have quit you. I wish I never missed you, And told you that I loved you, every
time I Fucked you. The future that we both drew, and all the shit we've been through. Obsessed with the
thought of you, the pain just grew and grew! How could you do this to me? Look at what I made for you,
it never was enough and the world is what I gave to you. I used to be love struck; now I'm just fucked
up. Pull up my sleeves and see the pattern of my cuts!


(Bridge) Tha Producer and Shady

Seems like all we had is over now you left to rest.

And your tears are dried up now, you just lay without a sound.

Seems like all we had is over now, you left to rest.

And my fears are over now, I can leave with my head down


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