I'll Fight Hell To Hold You

текст песни Kiss

n a world of doubt and danger, you see it everywhere
Your friends turn into strangers, does anybody care
But when all hope is lost, I'm gonna be there, whatever the cost
When you feel lost
Someone to hold you with all of their might
Through the darkness night, I'll be there

I'll fight hell to hold you, no river too deep or mountain high
I'll fight hell to hold you by my side
I'm gonna fight hell to hold you, till time stands still and worlds collide
I'll fight hell to hold you by my side

Ooh, the jealous and the lonely, they try to keep us apart
But let 'em come between us, that's when the trouble starts
'Cause there's one thing I know, I'll be beside you wherever you go
You can be sure
Someone to carry you into the light, swear with all my might, I'll be there

chorus - ooh, by my side

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