Don't Cuss The Fiddle

текст песни Kris Kristofferson

I scandalized my brother while admittin' that he sang some pretty songs
I'd heard that he'd been scandalizin' me and Lord I knew that that was wrong
Now I'm looking at it over somethin' cool and feelin' fool enough to see
What I had called my brother on now he had every right to call on me

Don't ever cuss the fiddle boy unless you want the fiddle out of tune
That picker there in trouble boy ain't nothin' but another side of you
If we ever get to heaven boys it ain't because we ain't done nothin' wrong
We're in this gig together so let's settle down and steal each other's song

I found a wounded brother drinking bitterly away the afternoon
And soon enough he turned on me like he'd done every face in that saloon
Well we cussed him to the ground and said he couldn't even steal a decent song
But soon as it was spoken he was sad enough to wish that we were wrong

Don't ever cuss the fiddle...
I know that it sounds silly but I think that I just stole somebody's song

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