текст песни Kris Kristofferson

Maybe she was smilin' in the mirrow
Maybe I was too cause I was stoned
Singin' ever sad song on the jukebox one more time
Honey they were hittin' close to home

And I said maybe this'll make you think I'm crazy
Honey don't feel lonesome if you do
If you wanna make a young man happy one more time
I'd sure like to spend the night with you

And she said stranger shut out the light and lead me
Somewhere shut out the shadows too
And while we lay there making believe you love me
Stranger could I believe in you

Maybe you got all you got together
Maybe you keep rolling like a stone
Maybe some old lonesome song'll take you by surprise
And leave you just a little more alone

Singin' stranger shut out the light...
Keep singin' stranger shut out the light...

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