Large Amounts

текст песни Ludacris

[Chorus 4X: Clive Reville]
In this life, one thing counts
In the bank, large amounts

[Ludacris - over end of Chorus]
This life, that's all that everybody care about man, money
That's all everybody want nigga that's gon' solve all your problems
It's the BEGINNING of yo' problems, man listen here, look

Now everybody wants a piece of my pockets
And it don't help when I'm screamin on these records that I'm rich
Callin people from my number, now I block it
Cause ain't nothin worse than gettin haunted by a stalkin-ass bitch!
Oh yeah! Cause good game, I talk it
And yet you so true, some women'll have you feelin blue like Crips
I lay my feet upon the path and I walk it
I spread my wealth out or someone close'll have me layin in a ditch!
I've had my friends steal from me (yup) snatch my credit card
out my wallet, hit the town and leave outstandin bills for me
They say I got the cash fo' it, and I can't recall
one single member of my family that never asked fo' it
They be kickin down do's, and bustin out flo's
Can't get me on the phone so they'll surprise me at my shows
And everybody needs a loan plus they say they won't blow it
All I hear is, "C'mon cuz - you know I'm good fo' it!" Man..


[Ludacris - over Chorus]
And I got one of the biggest families y'all ever seen in y'all life man
Imagine that - fourth and fifth and sixth cousins
Callin me and shit I don't even know who these..
I ain't never met these people in my life!
Momma I KNOW you ain't givin these people my number
I know you so you wouldn't do it, but y'all my family
I guess it's only right for y'all to ask me
If if you had it, knahmsayin, maybe I'd ask YOU
It's crazy man, but look here

Now don't get me wrong, cause bein rich is such a beautiful thing
But mo' money, mo' problems, people drive me insane
Not givin no handouts no mo', some take advantage and flee
My goal's to set my friends up to make some paper like me
Put 'em in position to make they wishes come - true
So they can have multiple accounts that gain interest overnight
Given a million dollars what you gon', do?
Map your life out for your kid's kids, or would you spent it overnight?
Now see me I'll do both, I got unlimited funds
My daughter's life was set before her stankin butt turned one
And it don't help that I got fo' or five retirement funds
So if I choose before I'm thirty I can lay in the sun
My dividends can show and prove the REAL meanin of fun
That's why I live by the sword but you can die by my gun
The IRS'll never sweat me or even put up a fight
Cause I'm sure I've paid more in taxes than you've made in yo' LIFE, because


[Ludacris - over Chorus]
Don't play with that IRS man, I'll swear, ain't nothin more embarassin
than havin them come take all yo' shit out yo' crib man
Don't think it can't happen to you man, I'm tellin you man
Just like games on the street collect tax
The government markin income towards collectin tax
It happened to some of our heroes, Redd Foxx, Willie Nelson
Peabo Bryson, knocked out one of yo' cribs, you don't even know it man
(Whattup J.D.?) Women don't like a nigga who got the IRS all on they ass
I'ma tell you like this

And women these days don't want a man without a nice paycheck
So we splurge, even though our lives ain't in the right place yet
Buyin jewelry and some cars just to impress these whores
Meanwhile your child's poor like, "Daddy what you left me for?"
Yeah but it all comes back, that's why I named my daughter Karma
Who's teachin me the lesson of life and makin me smarter
I sweep her off her feet cause I'm her knight in shinin armor
And I'll have your FUCKIN HEAD if anybody tries to harm her (kill yo' ass)
Gotta teach her about the game that most us niggaz'll spit
And about these scandalous-ass women that get money through gifts
They'll suck a cold hard wood for some cold hard cash
Or ride a brother good then put a foot up on the gas
of that brand new ride..
Pick up her friends while you slip and she slide..
Drop top Benz, gold diggers inside.. crazy what the world'll do for money
thinkin that everything will be alright, cause

[Chorus] - repeat to fade

[Ludacris - over Chorus]
Yeh! They don't call it the root of all evil for nothin people
Listen to my words, believe what I'm tryin to tell you man
"Money can't change ME!" That's what e'rybody say man
But you know what, money really can't change me
I don't think it did, shit if it did somebody come tell me right now
Everybody talkin 'bout, "If I get rich I don't need all those cars
I only need one or two cars," BULLSHIT! Hahaha
I can't lie, I'm guilty of splurgin too man
'Til I learned the difference between assets and liabilities
Really important man, I swear
Sometimes I wish I didn't have all this money man
... nah I'm just playin, I'll work through my problems

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