Precious Pearl

текст песни M People

Gotta be real, gotta be real, gotta be real, gotta be real. So real. [x2]

Life is larger than life for this girl.
A cartoon world spinning round.
You're so funky and warm, I need you
to help me keep my feet on the ground.
Got to know this is real, this is you.
Don't need no fake held up to the light.
Fact not fiction. True life. This is
not two ships that pass in the night.
Make me feel so strong.
Using me is wrong.
Make me feel so strong.
Is this where I belong.

Is this for real?
How do you feel? (Tell me boy)
Is this for real?
So take me, hold me make me feel like I'm you precious pearl.

In this theatre of dreams, I tell you,
ain't gonna be your drama queen.
Lying here in your arms,
I can tell, I think you know just what I mean.
I just want peace of mind and that's why
I close my eyes and make a wish.
Do I feel like Heather to you?
Or a kiss upon your satelite dish?
Make me feel so strong.

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