How Could You

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It's kinda crazy baby,
How i remember things, (like where you came from and how you had nothin)
I went and made you flyy,
Putextras on ya ride, (didnt miss a birthday now u cant even remember mine)

U made it clear to me (you wasn't down for me),
(I may be blind baby) but now I see,
(you had things up your sleeve, dont even lie to me) I even heard it 4rm yo family,

How could you let somebody lay where I layed?
How could you give him everything that we made?
How could you call him all the names thaat u used to call me?
HOw could You How Could You just forget bout me?
How Could You teach him all the things I thought You?
How Could You put him up to the Ghetto Karmasutra?
How Could You put me in the back and give him the front seat?
How Could You How Could You just forget bout me?

You must be out ya mind,
YOu got alot of nerve (to think that im gone chill after at tha shyt i heard),
I damn near carried you,
I could've married you,
Good thing i found out b4 i bought that 7karate for ya,
(i kno ur sick about) the way i found you out,
(GO head and pack it out) I hope he got romance in his house,
You should have thought of me b4 u hopped in the sheets,
Damn I cant believe that u did this to me


Girl i tried to give u everything,
Can't believe the ways u repaid me,
Girl u had it all,
But i guess my all wasn't good enough for you,
Baby I've accepted it,
And i aint gone trip,
Girl im movin on,
Sometimes i give up and think that another mans gonna get the one thats in for me


How cold you how could you just go and lay there,
How could you how could just give him everything,
How could you how could you call him names like that,
How could you babe?
How could you babe?
How could you how could you teach him everything?
How could you how could you put him to the ghetto kramasutra?

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