Let's Play House

текст песни New Kids On The Block

h baby
Think it's time
That you let me come inside your happy home
Show what you what a man like me can do
When you let me get next to you
Baby come and let me love you
All night
Can you imagine
What we could do alone?
Turn off the phone
I'll teach you passion
Come inside your happy home

I'll do you right
Oh baby please stay
Stay with me forever
Make love every day
We'll be makin' love
Let's do it together

Let's play house
Come and live with me in my dreams
Our secret hideaway
Let's play house
Take a ride the night has just begun
Let me love you 'til the morning light

When we're together
I love to take off your clothes
Undress you slow
Ooh, it only gets better
When I love you nice and close
To make you feel

Oh baby please stay
Stay with me forever

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