Mother Of The Bride

текст песни Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

I hired the band, you planned the buffet line
the food and the music would be grand
you fought with our daughter
over what color oughta be featured in pastel chiffon

we rented the Elk's Club and decked it in palm trees affecting a tropical air and you and I set aside what separates us
as we celebrate the wedding of our child Our friends filled the hall and brought their presents wanted our little girl to have enough to feather a nest and start a family the kids must feel this outpouring of love I just hope that thse frieds and this family will keep our baby in their thoughts And we'll be there in years to come to help them use up and eat off all the stuff they brought will keep our baby in theri thoughts

so dance wth me, mother of the bride and stand strong against me at my side Take a look with joy and wonder as our daughter and her man Take the floor we really want them to be happy as they can squeeze my hand and whisper earnestly that you hope they avoid all the pain that we went through i agree that they'll be lucky and it's the truth if he loves her half as much as I love you as papa I proudly waltz 'round with the bride but one dance with her won't be enough, dear I gave her away on the hillside this morning but its not that easy giving her up

so dance with me mother of the bride

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