Esta Loca (Mathematics)

текст песни Noreaga

Verse One:
Ay yo, my family, half black and half godbody
Half blood and half leppa?
So nigga weppa?
It don't matter whatever you is
I sneeze in your food (achoo), show you I'm rude
I'm half Puerto Rock, what, Puerto Rican my pops
My moms black, most people call me a mutt
Yo, they always said my first words was what what
And it stuck with me, like my fingers stay sticky
Shifty, lowdown, greedy, and rissy
Take a shit on y'all, then I spit on y'all
Niggas gas like a fuck, while in my car
Rock the low sport, always show Latino support
My niggas travel from Miami to Cali, Cali to Miami
And even come home the whole winter
Shit is cold in New York, God
Kid, it snow hard
I rather be out of state call me Chico DeBarge
On some other shit
Nice and Slow like the Usher shit
You make me wanna uh-huh, just smother shit
PYP, nigga, play your part
Or you can LFS, yo leave from start


Esta Loca (Loca), Dame chocha (chocha)
Esta Loca (Loca), Dame chocha (chocha)
Esta Loca (Loca), Dame chocha (chocha)
[woman] Damelo Papi por favor

Verse Two:

Special guest appearance
My name hardly gets clearance
Only family will have no interference
Or intersection, it's like a Thugged Out connection
From in-state to out of state, we still eat great
And you know I like to get drunk, roll that skunk
And I travel and pump, while y'all just punk
In your own hood, hoping you blow, knock on wood
You do what I thought, why do what you should
I got a chick everywhere, while y'all fuck local
Bitch I bumped years ago, got her throat vocal
I ain't mad though, a nigga like me get mad dough
When I stick with my fam, yo, you know how that go
Rock Armani X, with the Gautier specs
Lighten up, get back, with my chick in my Lex
Yo, that's the issue

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