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Overlaping eachother: [ Noreage & Missy Talking]
You know what
Use Real words, we got Missy wit us too today
I think a lot of ya'll got it all wrong know what I'm sayin
The Millenium
Swizz Beatz
But you know what

(Noreaga) 16x
Bounce ya car to dis

Verse: (Noreaga)

Yo Yo, catch me in Wu
In da Coope
All da Bud he would do
Hittin Up Army and Navy
Camouflage gaurds too, Yeah
We dem' cats dat tear up thugs
And we dem' thugs dat beat up thugs
And my cris rosay
You tell I won't say
I jus' smack cats
Yo God I wont play
Turn Ya Radio on
Ya'll hear Nore all day
I let da dawgs do skid
Jus give my da whole K
First it was Wallabees Yo and then came balleys
Then it was Tahoes now da shit is denalis
I'm N-O-R-E what
Im not a sky cat
So there for you put ya own shit in da back
N-O You see me style out
You see me foul out
You say my album took long like I wild out
It to my dawgs wit new whips dats fakin
Them cats Dude don't pay no tax like Kirk Franklin
In LA im rimmed up and all datin

(Chorus) 4x (Missy yellin)
Thugged out
Everybody rock da party thug it out

Verse 2: (Missy)
They say Missy why you Bitchin'
Why ya flow so different
Everytime I bust on blocks I keep em' Booty lickin'
Watch my guns they clickin'
Killin' all ya'll chickens
In and Out I knock dem' out they feel my cut insision
Everybody (Ah!!)
Everybody (Ah!!)
Everybody push somebody then somebody (Ah!!)
Imma keep it comin'
Sweatin' til' Im Hummin'
If you stummin' Clap ya hands and drummer keep on drummin'
54 im tired
64 I die
Me and Noreaga we gon' spray ya ass real nice
This one is a Killa'
Slip her on a Trilla'
Missy be dat pilla' quicka' quicka' blow ya swilla'
Heard you was a sinna'
MC jus beginner
Thena Thena Thena Thena cook ya ass for dinna'
Yes I am a winna'
Quick to put one in ya'
If you bust then I'm gon bust
I don't mean to offend ya'

(Chorus) 5x

Hook: (Swizz Beatz)
We sum thugged azz niggaz cuz we thug shit out
Ya'll sum thugged azz niggaz cuz we thug shit out
We sum thugged azz niggaz
Ya'll sum thugged azz niggaz
We sum thugged azz niggaz
Thugged azz niggaz what!
Thugged azz niggaz
Thugged azz Niggaz Niggaz Niggaz Niggaz Niggaz Niggaz Niggaz

Verse 3: (Noreaga)
Yo Yo Yo Yo
Stay up in da complex

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