Soul To Soul

текст песни Nu Flavor

Soul to Soul
Nu Flavor

(oooooohh, ohhhhhh
Soul to soul
ooooohhhh) Soul to soul

Piece of newspaper, at my feet
We go blowing down the street
Got our stories, old and new
Need someone to tell them to

We don’t have to see eye to eye (Face to face)
I’m not asking for miracles (No saving grace)
And I don’t need another heart (To have and hold)
All I want is a friend that I can talk to (Soul to soul)
Soul to Soul, Soul to soul

(oooooooohhh, ooooohhh)
Like an old book, on a shelf
Tired of talkin to myself
I’m wishing somebody (somebody), that’s passin by
Would pick me up and look inside


Everyone needs someone they can turn to
When they’re walkin the line
We all need a friend that we can cry to
And I’m on that line (I’m on that line)
It’s been so long now, you know I’ve needed mine

ooooohhhh, ooooohhhh, oooohhh

(Soul to soul) I just call and there you are
(Soul to soul) Shining on me like a star
(Shining down) Smile in my direction in the night
And I feel your light
(Soul to soul) I’m feelin stronger now
(Soul to soul) Won’t you shine a little longer now
I’m still holdin that line (Gotta hold that line)
Keep me holdin that line

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