Another Disease

текст песни Oomph!

baby - you knock me down
like a fucking disease
baby - you work it out
'til I'm down on my knees
baby - you keep me down
though I'm begging you please
baby - and now I know
there's no fucking release
dusk in my heart -
another day, another night,
another... bullshit! another compromise
dusk in my mind -
another war, another fight,
another... bullshit! another false advice
burn my head now honey!
you're just another disease
burn my head now honey!
blow my brains out honey!
just like another disease
blow my brains out honey!
baby - you burn me out
like a fucking desire
baby - you spin me round
and you set me on fire
baby - I want you now
though I know you're a liar
baby - so ban my heart

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