Elite Fleet

текст песни Originoo Gunn Clapazz

Enter Gentlemen, take your seats
You have been brought here for a task
only universal soldiers are brought for (yeah)
Let's begin

Thee Elite Fleet stands tall and proud
See if you can pick the livest one out the crowd
MC's you won't be around next year

M.S. comin' from the rear

We see your kind many times (many times)
Yappin' off your guns lettin' your lips flap
M.S. will push your wig back givin' stain from your shit crack
For who card shit I turn styles like the door knob
Bring ya more but it don't matter because me and squad Bogard
For so long we hear the dumb shit that some do
These bum crews runnin' around ravin' with they one twos
So act like you want it with that babble you call rap dukes
I brings it to your grill while Originoo Gunn Clap you
And it's no doubt I keep your whole crew under pressure
Heltah Skeltah stalkin' smooth ayo my sides by the stretcher
Ready to get ya
So open up wide and wreckognize
And see who stands before your eyes in the 9-5
Coping with my high feeling the lye as it kick
A big of my brain thinkin' of this chickenhead I stuck my dick in

Top Dawg:
They call me Top Dawg, Top Dawg of the year
Flowin' with my full grown dreads and army gear
When I come through with my Bucktown crew
You better be on point because we might be looking for you
All y'all punany snake niggas remind me
Why we roll strickly Bootcamp in the 90's
Come try we if you wanna, cause we gwan flex
Break niggas necks
Then hop on the iron horse get up with my elite fleet
So we can smoke X amount of ganja weed
It's alright if you wanna get high
But when you enter this session make sure you got lye
Cause sense we smoke mad sensi
Original dreads fortified blunt heads
Nuff said nuff punk gwon dead
Fuck all that bullshit, it's time to get red


Lil' Rock (of the representitives):
Representitives coming up form the fuckin' rear
You're missing in action no time for relaxin'
We packin' mental thoughts that'll blow this nations back in
No need escape this zone unknown
Cause we travel to explore when the goals then bring the trophy home

Supreme (of the Representitives):
Just like in a movie we breakin' through these niggas terrine
Supreme brings pain to your frame you can't hang
(you can't maintain) In the mist where guns click
13 deep thee elite we don't miss

Lil' Rock:
Cause we be the squad called the Representitives
Lil' Rock and Supreme aka Gen Grim and Mr. Perfect
Lord don't want to be known to hurt shit
Just wanna enterprise and stack papes for what it's worth kid

And thats all catch a black from black pull
Niggas that slack off I'm breakin' they glass jaw
So ask for, forgiveness to end this
The Representitives mean buisness

Hurricane Starange:
Yo I'm hype pass me the motherfuckin' mic
Rock ya like Robbin', I Clock ya like Spike
Lee, S-T-R-A-N-G-L-E cooler then ?
That's what bitches tell me, strickly rugged
Run and tell ya momma cause she loves it
Hold it down like my niggas when they pissing ou in public
But you know and spolice spot you they lock you
But my nigga Hocktu got you ready to knock you
Senseless cause against this you defencless
Don't even speak nigga you weak, strengthless
So all them niggas keeping they eye on the cash flow
Ash hole M16 steam through my afro
It's all about the storm fuck what you're under
Gun Clapper number one a.k.a. Starange Wondah


Yo it's the nigga Bad Vybes creepin' up from the rear

Bad Vybes:
Now you know Bad want this done so I switch
To some next shit in 9-6 like fuck a bitch
But I quickly squeeze up on your shorites ass and titties
And turn to my committee and score here shit a 50
Percent fake a move your face meet cement
I know a lot of guys want to test the Vybes

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