In Repair

текст песни Our Lady Peace

Well it's good to know that you'll be okay
I've been waiting for this
And i'll be there to sit while you pray
No one's blaming me
I'm not supposed to wait
when they open up your heart

Oh I, I have been good
I understood
Like a machine I'll fix you from the start
I'm in repair
Life that we share
I know that i'll be lost and
But we're always in repair.

Lock the door (6X)

And it's good to know that you'll drive away
from this car crash nightmare
and i'll be there to help you again
there's no danger
we're just killing time again
when they order up new parts


take this time to figure it out
the wise, the views the things that you doubt
the air, the earth the metal the mouth
the something, something, something

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