Funkin` Around

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[introduction by Andre]
Hello, well good evening ladies and gentlemen
What we like to do right here, well first let me let you know who I am
Well I go by the name of Andre3000 alright?
And we come from a little place called like Stankonia, Georgia right?
You know right now everybody wants to be from space
And folks like to be from the country and everything like that
You know, like really like the South is like cool to be from the South right about now
Girls listen up

Torn between Saturday night and early Sunday mornin'
I don't know, I'm so unstruct in between-tween
I'm out here knowin' hip-hop is dead; The average nigga on my corner yellin' what the fuck you mean-mean
See we ain't even sing the mouth to chop counter-clock wise goes the neighborhood
Hand me down some canned-goods, wont cut the Grei-pupon
We got the layer-on, back to the drawing board can't afford to lose journey beyond
One, slash one slash ninety-one, my teacher six foot incher man said sit down son
And let me tell you like I heard it when I don't desert it
It wadn't no other way to word it got my feelings scurred and
By the, bullet of bad, the singer of sad, songs to make you long for your mom and your dad
Plaid class with poke-a-dots, I hope you ain't mad
Back up little mama I'm about to react

Yup, we ain't just funky but wild, ah-ah
No, you don't want to see me clown, ah-ah
No, tomorrow sounds like right now, ah-ah

People have ya party, but please dont be late
Its to bounce rock roller-skate, bounce rock roller-skate
Hey sexy mama, there's no time to waste
Its to bounce rock roller-skate, bounce rock roller-skate
At the party, fool around, ah baby
People have ya party, dont be late
Its to bounce rock roller-skate, bounce rock roller-skate

[Big Boi]
While Scotty is beaming LaPookie is skeeming
Wait to you still live in my name-go, while you snoozing I'm dreaming
I'm Tylenol PM, you mouth to the same thing everyday like Perdium
Never try to be nothing but that what you're being, one nation under the cool should be the rule
Wether young man or young lady begins or starts grade school
Silence before violence, nine times out of ten times the quietest is the loudest
Bumplin' through your privates, Daddy Fat Sacks can I have your back, Naw
Ooh!, you're Such a playa, Ohh! your Southern ball
Got me scrawled out, in ya black book my name was crossed out
Went from starting the second string now in the dog house *WROOF*
Remenicing, the party was missing, instead of arguements you think about the hugs and kisses
If this is, something, hard for you to think, you better bounce, rock, roller-skate


[Repeat first line of Chorus]


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