Bloodbath In Paradise

текст песни Ozzy Osbourne

Your comin' home - there's blood on the walls and Charlie
And the family made house calls. If you're alone then watch
What you do 'cos Charlie and the family might get you.

Bridge / chorus

Can you hear them in the darkness, helter skelter - spiral madness,
Yeah, Bloodbath In Paradise, but there's no where you can run to baby,
Bloodbath In Paradise - forever sleep in paradise.
California sun - but you're still in bed
And the California rain is turning red.
No sign of life or the keepers of doom
In Charlie and the keeper's scarlet room.

They'll summon you, to wake from the dead
As you lie bleeding, murdered in your bed.
The sweetest dreams are all in your mind
But no-one wakes when Charlie creeps behind, yeah.

Execution halts your breath, helter skelter spiral death,

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