The Ultimate Sin

текст песни Ozzy Osbourne

(3:44)(Daisley - Osbourne - Williams)
Overkill enough is enough
There's nothing left of me to devour
You've had your fill I'm all I have left
What can stop your hunger for power
'cos you took advantage of things that I said
Now the feeling is dead.

And that's The Ultimate Sin
And that's The Ultimate Sin.

Any way I look at it now
The doors are closed and cannot be opened
Bury your anger and bury your dead
Or you'll be left with nothing and no one
There's no point in screaming 'cos you won't be heard
Now the tables have turned.

It was The Ultimate Sin. (3t)

I warned you then and I'm warning you now
If you mess with me you're playing with fire
Winds of change that are fanning the flames
Will carry you to your funeral pyre
It's pulling you down
It's your final descent

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