Every Knee

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Wherefore God had highly exlted Him and given Him a name
Which is above every name and at the feet of Jesus
Every Knee Shall Bow
Of things of heaven and of things of Earth
And things under the Earth and at the name of Jesus
Every tongue shall confess that He is King
Under God the Father
Christ is King, He is God
Who so you seek you deny
That in the begining was the word and the word was with God
The Word was God. So why do you fight
Which were not born of Blood, nor of the flesh
Nor of the will of man, but of God
The Word became flesh and dwelt among us
And We beheld His glory
Full of grace and truth

Who's gonna bow down? Every Knee
Who's gonna confess? Every Tongue

Prophets of the past, claim the son of man would come
With their hands lifted up and their eyes to the sky
They problaim the name of Jesus Christ
People may ask why, who do you live this way
But they know the truth, for He is the Truth
Desperate is their lives, so what's the use
Here's on for the funky drummer: Keep the rythems rollin'
In your face, I got the bass, without a trace
He's going, he's gone and I'm on the microphone
And I'm known to get rough
So thake some time out of my rhyme bro and strutt your stuff
Prophets we're four, I'll show you what's in store
Give praises to my King so now can I get an Encore?
And keep clapping, keep clapping, keep clapping, keep clapping
Hey, yo, what' kappening Brother's getting jacked
When you step up to me with that disrespect
I thinks it's time for us to put your evil butt in check

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