The Cocksucker Club

текст песни Pansy Division

He´s thought about it for a long long time
About being attracted to his own kind
He´s ready to take those fantasies
And make them into something real
And finally do all the things
He´s been dreaming of
He´s joining the cocksucker club
To not have to pretend he was drunk
When he seduced his roommate on his bunk
He might be bi, he might be gay
But he knows he´s finally ready to say
Some of the things
He´s constantly thinking of
By joining the cocksucker club
So lick lick lick suck suck suck
Unroll the condoms and fuck fuck fuck
Down on your knees, giving good head
Do it on your parents´queen-size bed
In high school he´d spend hundreds of hours
Fantasizing about boys in the showers
Billy was hung, Rick was thick
Daniel had a most upstanding dick
But Eric was the one with extra yardage to love
By joining the cocksuck club
So lick lick lick slurp slurp slurp

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