Can't Miss What You Never Had

текст песни Pat McGee

went out walking and I caught myself talking
To a man who’d been knocking around bardo’s door
So I come home thinking that I ought not be missing
All those things that you’re sending, well they ain't nothing new to me

So I’m sitting here thinking about all that he’s saying
and I’m sure that you’re wishing that I’d come around they way
But the bridges that you burned before, sliding out that back door
And the things that you said were nothing new to me

You Can't Miss What You Never Had (x4)

When I was out walking, I found myself thinking on what
he was preaching seemed all fine to me.
But all those bridges that you’re burning, are the ones you’ll be wanting
but they won’t hear you talking, it’s nothing new to me

You Can't Miss What You Never Had

Well, I came back from walking, still found myself talking to that man
he’s still knocking around bardo’s door
The things that he said before and all that you’re wishing for
it’s easy to have been bought, still nothing new to me

When I came home from thinking about all that you’re saying

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