Secretion Of Ejaculate

текст песни Pathologist

(lyrics: Cyklo, music: Hary, Tom)
Lechery during vaginal intercourse
Unconventional orgastic vulgarities
Necking with silicone boobs
Masochistic ligation of penis

Lesbian's cancer and varices
Smegma on anal dildo
Unnatural gratification of fetishism
Masturbator's devourment of sperm

Gerontophilic concubine for pornography
Homosexual's testicular grafting
Orally excited reproductive instinct

Fellatio and cunnilinctus
Repulsion of gene mutation
Lilliputian's hormonal disturbance
Individuum with all gonads

Metabolic aberration of hermaphrodite
Paedophile's pollution and meteorism
Gagging of gigantean eunuch

Psoriatic pectus of transvestite
Sliminess and crabs on the buttocks
Moribund castrated necrophil
Sodomy and obscene incest

Deviated erection in sadism

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