The Way I'm Feeling Tonight

текст песни Paul Carrack

admit it, this time I was wrong
Anybody can make a mistake
I overdid it and I can't complain
If someone's taken my place

It ain't the first time, it won't be the last
That I find my life in dissaray
No use regretting, it's all in the past
So tell me what can I say

Is there any point, goin' on about it
When you know that I can do nothin' right
I don't know that talkin' it over will change,
The way I'm feeling tonight

I used to wake up, jump out of my bed
With a great big smile on my face
I was the business, no one could deny
Now I've fallen from grace

I just need a chance to forget about it
Do you really care who was wrong or right
I don't know that talkin it over will change
The way I'm feeling tonight
So if you want your freedom, I won't stand in your way

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