Mistress And Maid

текст песни Paul McCartney

She Said
Come In My Dear,
You're Looking Tired Tonight.
Your Bath Is Drawn, Let Me Loosen Your Tie
And Fix You Your Usual Drink.

He Settles Back,
Takes A Magazine,
Kicks Off His Shoes, As He Studies The Form
Of Every Appealing Soubrette.
But Where Are The Flowers That He Used To Bring?
Every Endearing Remark
Reminds Her Of Passionarte Promises,
That He Only Made In The Dark.

In Her Bed,
She Wants To Shout At The Back Of His Head
Look At Me, Look At Me, Look At Me I'm Afraid
See What It's Come To,
I'm Just Your Mistress And Maid.

The Wine Is Warm
But The Dinner Is Cold.
The Look In His Eye Tells Her It Won't Be Long
'Till The Girls On The Page Come To Life.
And They'll Get The Flowers That He Used To Bring
With Every Endearing Remark,
And All Of The Passionate Promises

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