Slightly Out Of Tune ( Desafinado )

текст песни Perry Como

Love is like a never ending melody,
Poets have compared it to a symphony,
A symphony conducted by the lighting of the moon,
But our song of love is slightly out of tune . . . .

Once your kisses raised me to a fever pitch,
Now the orchestration doesnЎЇt seem so rich,
Seems to me youЎЇve changed the tune we used to sing,
Like the bossa nova love should swing . . . .

We used to harmonize two souls in perfect time,
Now the song is different and the words donЎЇt even rhyme,
Ў®Cause you forgot the melody our hearts would always croon,
What goodЎЇs a heart thatЎЇs slightly out of tune?

Tune your heart with mine the way it used to be,

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