Changing Perspectives

текст песни Pestilence

(Music: Mameli, Uterwijk)(Lyrics: Foddis)
Lead: Mameli

The process of life
A future at distance
Time does not run
except for your own existence

Stages set to pass with your fantasy
Dreams to realize, visions to see

Altering goals
Aim to perflection
Absorb all there is
To achieve satisfaction
Subjected to obsessions
Avoiding each choice
The truth given to you
proclaims through your voice

A life to learn ...

Leads: Uterwijk, Mameli

Ideals that collide
with what you are about
Captured in imagination
Reality hands you the key to get out

Permanent ignorance, products of symmetry
United pride, collective stupidity

Enrich your mind with the wisdom you'll find
through your changing perspectives

Performed by J.P.Thesseling
Discords performed on Leader 4-strings.

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