текст песни Pestilence

(Music: Mameli)(Lyrics: Mameli)
'Seeking life-answers by using dark powers'

Lead: Mameli

The gates to my subconscious, open wide
Hear and remember, the incantations I recite
Reveal the power, no longer known by man
Possess, before the ancients rule the earth once again

Beneath the seas and skies of the human mind
The abyss yawes wide before me
Uncertain what truth or lies I will find
Appear and share my wisdom, for I know thee

Lead: Uterwijk

Descend into the foul places of death
I fear for my flesh, for I have seen my epitaph
The price I pay on this lonely journey
Is softened and I hope the Gods will have mercy

From a time before a time a cold voice has spoken
From a land beyond the stars I evoke thee
In exchange for wisdom, what evil have I woken
What terrible faith shall co..... me ?

I've seen the future
I've seen the past
I've seen the sight of whom causeth horror
I've seen my place of rest

I've travelled on spheres, I've seen things beyond imagination
The things I have learned are the most pure revelation
Obliterated are the lines of my life

My blood cries out as I make my last sacrifice

I cannot see, I cannot move, 'cause sight is failing me
Knowing that the beasts of the spaces claim my blood
My blood turns black but frightened I cannot be
The bargain is sealed, the price to pay is to rot

Lead: Uterwijk
Lead: Mameli

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