(I Wanna Take) Forever Tonight

текст песни Peter Cetera

Feel your breath on my shoulder
And I know we couldn't get any closer
I don't wanna act tough, I just wanna fall in love
As we move into the night I get crazy
Thinking how it's gonna be with you baby
I don't wanna play rough I've been loving you enough
Oh, baby

(chorus) I wanna take forever tonight
Wanna stay in this moment forever
I'm gonna give you all the love that I've got
I wanna take forever tonight
Fill you up, fill you up with love
When we close the door all I need is in your eyes
I wanna take forever tonight

Touch my lips, I'm on fire
You're the only one I'll ever desire
Turn the lights down low, make the world go slow
When I'm holding you tonight it's so easy
Nothing moves me like you do when you tease me
And to rush would be a crime
I just wanna spend some time with you baby


And when I'm here beside you
I wanna see what drives you out of your mind
I never wanna leave I only wanna be with you
'Cause I love how you feel your love is so real

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