Take The Chance

текст песни Peter, Paul & Mary

There's a little girl playing in the garden
She thinks that she's alone and no one sees
But the beauty of it all
As the daisy petals fall
Is the wish she's made that's whispered in the breeze
There's the wish in the breeze


Won't you take the chance
And let your tears start falling
And ignore the fearful warning of your mind
Let your heart for once do all the talking
And believe that you deserve for the sun to shine
Believe that you deserve for the sun to shine

There's an old woman sitting in the doorway
And she greets the people each one as they pass
Sometimes they hover 'round her for her wisdom
Sometimes so she'll remind them how to laugh
They know that she'll remind them how to laugh


Now on a hill there stands a cross above a graveyard
And the simple word carved in it says ";forgive";
No war or killing anger can match the force it carries
It can heal the generations so that other ones can live
It can heal us, so we can live


Now there's a moment between forward and retreating
When you're just not sure which path you ought to choose
Then the sun shines brightly on the golden meadow
And suddenly, you're not at all confused
Suddenly, you're not confused

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