Didn't I

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Petey arguing with cop) ";All inmates are asked to stay inside the cell";
Hey dog, you think I could make my phone call?
Hey look, what you need to do is sit down
I just wanna make my phone call
Just sit down -
Hey, I get a phone call for this motherfucker
Fuck you
Hey fuck you too ya bastard
I just want my fuckin phone call
";Sgt. Ellis : Please come to the front gate";-

[Verse 1]
I got his ass didn't I?
told him my plan didn't I
thought I was playin wit him
now he ass out and payin shit that nigga stank didn't he?
smelled like some old spoiled meat didn't he?
when they found him - took bout a motherfuckin week didn't it?
down in a motherfuckin creek didn't they?
Mr. Roberts found his ass out fishin Sunday evenin' didn't he?
gift-wrapped in a sheet didn't he?
Roberts got out of there so fast they didn't ever find his boat did they?
I'd like to flip the hood night didn't I?
disrespectful-ass nigga like to ran up on my slab didn't he?
y'all didn't even know I had that thing did ya?
y'all just seen mad niggas haulin-ass across the field didn't ya?
(hey, hey, hey!) that shit pulled a lot of cards didn't he?
especially that bald-head tight t-shirt wearin ass Cindi didn't he? (punk)
that nigga ran in up his girl didn't he? (yo what happened)
took her home and ran the train on a trick didn't I?

(sung chorus in the background, man talking man talking over)
you are now rockin wit one of the most real motherfuckers in the rap game
97 -Petey Pablo or Petey Too Small as we call him down in Greenville - ya
with this new shit ";Didn't I"; -ya
boy that boy has done a lot of things
Petey- tell sumden else you did

[Verse 2]
thought I was playin didn't ya?
I did everything I said didn't I?
I got out of prison and got a major record deal didn't I?
you didn't believe me did ya?
ya'know I know you didn't
you probably decided that I'd be right back on the street didn't ya?
I guess I showed you didn't I?
Got in the race and then I won it didn't I?
I didn't even rub it in your face did I?
I could of got real shitty but I didn't did I?
or got all fly but I didn't did I? (nope)
man, I just kept it all real didn't I? (ya)
brought it right back to the homefront just like I said didn't I?
they kept skippin Carolina didn't they?
yo (cough cough) excuse me, can I have your attention didn't I?
I fucked 'em up the way I did it didn't I?
came to the city spittin nothin but that greasy-grimey-gritty didn't I?
I changed a lot of things here didn't I?
came from the back to the front and I had them kissin a nigga ass didn't I?

(sung chorus in background, man talking over)
you real crazy, boy you a trip, you a real trip
but hey, but hey, the boy kept it real , he did
oh you thought it was over
hey petey
get real fly on they ass
and talk about some shit - some real shit - come on

[Verse 3]
you coulda had me couldn't ya?
all that time couldn't ya?
faggot - mad little penny-pinchin ass

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