Oh Shit

текст песни Pharcyde

Little Sally Walker, sittin in a saucer,
Oh, how I tossed that ass up
Like a mission in the woods, woody woodpecker would if he could,
But I didn't want to pass it up
To the next man had my walkman bumpin on
The fifty yard line and my adrenoline pumpin
Like a kill thriller driller tiller out with the miller brew
Filler up, took it 'til the damn Dutch puked (??)
Luke skywalker ain't a sweettalker so I got ill
With my light saber that came in one fancy flavor
My strange behavior led to an outburst
The night felt good but the day got worse
I thought I was alone slim trade the stowaway
With a brown-eyed bombshell that was dope enough to pay
I looked over my shoulder and my cover was peeled
By my whole school sayin ";ooh"; and i'm busted for real

Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit

What to say the least
I'm so slick that they need to call me grease
Cuz I slips and I slides when I rides on the beast
Imani and your mom sittin in a tree,
Yo first comes the tounge
And then come the she my homey's m-o-m what (m-i-e)
Yo, and to think from day one in my eyes I show fear cuz
I stepped into his house his
Mom's grinnin ear to ear
Gigglin and winks for weeks
I would encounter from this female
She's sizin me up for the kill
Oh what the hell is what I said to myself so that I wouldn't worry
I'm sittin on the couch and wish Greg would please hurry up
She offered me a cup of ripple broke out the titty
Squezed her nipple said suck it if you like but please don't bite it
I had an urge to say fuck it but I knew I had to fight it
Before I could say alakazam (???)
I took this old bitch in a doggie style
Greg walked in the room that nigga cold had a fit
But all this numbskull could say was oh shit!

Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh
Son-of-a bitch, son-of-a bitch, come on!

One fine summertime Sunday evening
Crenshaw Boulevard was in full swing
Perfect example of how looks can be deceiving
Rolled up to what I thought was a pretty young thing
Rollin in a purple samuri suzuki dookie braids was an aid to her sex appeal

Dude she was dope man real dope on the wheel

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