The Ass

текст песни Pharoahe Monch

Fuck it I shagged her, without the use of dissolve Viagra
Had her comin like Niagara Falls when I bagged her
on the cellular my genitalia pitched the pelvis
Uh-huh, when her hips gyrate like Elvis
She tried to scurry hurry to finish very alone
Tell my doggs what's necessary bout how I bury the bone
She said (When you ready to blast, don't ask, say when)
Had her screamin like lightin a nuke when I was halfway in
In the past I used to send em back, give em the minimum
Now I leave em with venom on they chin when I'm bendin em
Y'all know the name - get it engraved, sex slave
Stadium style, from the back, ass doin the wave (HEY!)
Yellin to me is a felony
Hell'll be froze over when I celebrate celibacy, case closed
My Dick Rules Everything Around Me, D.R.E.A.M., get the ass
without spendin the cash now, look at em

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