We Said Hello Goodbye

текст песни Phil Collins

We said goodbye to a dear old friend
And we packed our bags and left feeling sad
It's the only way
We said hello as we turned the key
A new roof over our heads
Gave a smile
It's the only way
Only way

Turn your head
And don't look back
Set your sails for a new horizon
Don't turn around don't look down
Oh there's life across the tracks
And you know it's really not surprising
It gets better when you get there oh

Well it really don't matter much where you are
Cos home is in your heart
It's a feeling that you wake with one day
Some people key p running all their life
And still find they haven't gone too far
They don't see it's the feeling inside - the feeling inside oh

Turn your head and don't look back
Just set your sails for a new horizon

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