Ode To Liberty

текст песни Philip Lynott

The dream was not a vision
Or some preminition like we were told
It was no figment of the imagination
To prove that we could be bought or sold

The doctor of the dimond run
Could be revealed to the intellegent
But this is what I resent
Who cares for the ignorent, the intellegent
The synics approch was mean
Who cares for anything in this whole wide world
except me

And this opinion must not confuse the issue
My appearence, my condition, Or state of delivery
I am stating the obvious
This is a protest
There must me a collusion
This is no Shakespearean speach
This is a statement
Made by one who can not practice what he preaches

The statue of liberty
Has engraved on it's wall
Give me your poor, give me your needy
Give me them all
We need something like this
For this world to coexist
It would be so easy
To act so pretensious
To act as if it was hepocracy
To act condisending
When in fact it's the world we're mending
And that's why I can't relax
Cause inside my coat it's a pistol that I pack
We must beware of a suprise neuclear attack
We must be ready to strike back
I'm not pretending
Our defense needs clearly mending
We must leave those standing
Forget the third world is ending
Is starving, Is crying
Is desolate, Is oh so late

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