текст песни Phlebotomized

music: Payne/Palms, lyrics: Payne/Geestman

A chance to tell the tale the way it is
A chance to REARRANGE
A chance you never had, just merely wished
You're lying in the gutter
Not feeling at all well
Some parasite read your letter
A one way ticket off to hell
The juicier the story
The quicker one will get in
And no one will be sorry
After chucking you in the bin
I lost my soul while others stole the show
I lot my soul cos it has been shown all over the world

Got to keep up those ratings
I'm rich because of you
Must be awfully frustrating
Here have a cigar or two
Still lying in the gutter
Media made it look swell
So no one can be bothered
That you're in a hell

"Hey damn baby
hey are you going away

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