Down In The Quarter

текст песни Poco

(Paul Cotton)
Down in the quarterpast anybody's bedtime
Anybody anywhere who was halfway out his mind
I was sittin' in a Rock and roll bar
Down from another
Just on up the line
I was talkin' with a new found friend
Who lived his life
On river time

He was holdin' my attention I could
Almost hear the sound
How he ran on the Mississippi on a tug
From the up and down
He was rollin' like the river he could have
Gone on night and day
But I caught myself in midturn and I
Never looked away and

Could it ever happen again
Time awaiting the answer then
Lost and found in the city, New Orleans

Questions in her dark eyes I felt
She already knew
The answers bringing no surprise
Like a Spanish moon
She was grown up on the music
I could only hear at home
When she spoke on of the song I sang
And how it made her feel
So much less alone
Pickin' out the pictures that the tune

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