Georgia Bind My Ties

текст песни Poco

(Paul Cotton)
I been thinkin' 'bout a place
Like a dream that tries to show
Can you see it in my face
That it's time again to go

When I hear her callin' me
From a one way track
Then I got to go and see
What it is that brings me back

Oh, Georgia, I'm just a stray
Won't you shine on my way
I can see it ther in your diamond eyes
When you hold me where your beauty lies
Oh, Georgia , please, I'm down to my knees
Won't you bind my ties
Won't you bind my ties

Everybody's gone away
They're all leaving town
And I'm movin' on to say
I'm through kickin' my heart around
Yes, it's all over now
Crazy things in my head
Have to stay together somehow
For I've got the dream again

Oh, Georgia, I'm just a stray

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