Baby I Don't Care

текст песни Point Break

o way i'm gonna crazy
with you playin' with my mind took
you out to dinner but you left me
bahind paid for the pleaseure
but i wasted my time
cause dawn it girl i thought
that you'd be comin' to mine
friends are always tellin' me to kick you
aside i swear i thought that world of you
guess what i lied
now you ain't got it change
cause i'm in control
i'm grivin' down the highway
and your payin' the toll

you don't have to say you want me
you don't have to sat any tears
you don't have to say you want me
baby it's alright

coz honey i don't care
i don't care

all the boys tried to stop me sayin'
that ain't right free to party
stayin' out all night
i'm gonna run the show
gonna go buck wild now
i just don't care
i wanna do it with style turned
the other cheek when i had something to say
this is what you wanted

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