Baby Gets Around

текст песни Poison

I can't say I ain't been around
That I ain't done my time
Seems like this big old world
Has been one big shoe to shine

But I never ever took a dime
For what comes naturally
And if I never knew the truth
Well she'd be fine with me

One night she stayed over here
And left her little black book behind
Well that little black book ain't little no more
And it wasn't too hard too find

She'd leave me in this lonely room
The thought just made me sick
It's funny how the pieces fit
My baby gets around a bit
Yeah, my baby gets around a bit

Her pager would ring, it's a funny thing
She'd have to go right away
She always had a wad of cash
Much more than her job could pay

I'd ask her where she's going to
And this is what she'd say
";I gotta meet someone for an interview
He's only in town today";

Always a little bit overdressed
Much more than I thought he'd be
High heel shoes and day glow dress
Ain't seem strange to me

She'd leave me in this lonely room
While some stud got his sex
Just then the thought occurred to me
My baby gets around a bit
My baby gets around a bit
Oooh, my baby gets around a bit...


Took her to the local bar
Where I like to hang
Every guy that passed her by
They all seemed to know her name

They all called her by a different name
And one of them winked at me
Some guy named Stan said ";you're the man

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