Stupid, Stoned & Dumb

текст песни Poison

My baby said she don't want to see my face
She kicked me right on out of her place
Now I'm back with the band and my girl is long gone
She broke my heart bad so I wrote down this song
I'm about as sad as they come
Yea, I'm stupid, stoned and dumb
I'm a pretty pitiful sight
Lately I can't get myself right
Boys, I can't get this girl out of my head
I just know she's got another man in her bed
They said "Bret, let us give you some advice"
In Hollywood love don't come easy, it comes at a price

So your girlfriend is a dancer, she makes love for money
Used to get it free, we really think you're lucky
Loves a two way street, you got hit by the bus
Don't break your heart or you'll end up like us

So you got dumped
Don't feel ashamed
We got a little something something, gonna ease your pain
So I toke and I snort and I smoke and I sniff
By the way what day is this

[Chorus 2]
You're a natural born loser, don't you understand
That's why you're born to sing in a rock n roll band
Born to feel the pain and write sad songs
With losers like us this is where you belong

[Chorus 2]

The band was making it big, I was making the scene
Drive big cars and make some green
Wrote a big hit, a number one song
But by then, my girl was long gone


[Chorus 2 out]

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