That's The Way I Like It

текст песни Poison

hen it's boy meets girl and it starts a fire
Two hearts burn with your desire
A candle burns a midnight oil
Loves the love and raise the spoil

When the girl goes down
That's the way I like it, like it, like it, like it
When the wheel goes 'round
Neither one can fight it

Can't fight the lust
Can't find the truth
Ain't nothing you can do
When the girl goes down

Hollywood and Vine and a hundred more
All the wives there couldn't take it no more
Now standing on the ledge and faces truth
As she ate 'em up spit 'em up as time was through


Misery loves company
Nothing you can do
When the girl goes down


I woke up this morning in the paper read
The Hollywood Police found a young man dead
No name, no face, and known ID
Just no ?

? arrives in her strange world
And the story goes it's boy meets girl

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