Inner Space

текст песни Poltergeist

(V.O. Pulver 1987)
Look inside your inner space
See, there are so many ways

I'm creeping in my mind
To see what I can find

I come across my sins
See, it's like a wheel which spins

I try to wipe them out
Devour me with their mouth

descends my mind
Surrounds all I find
Feels like I'm blind
Can't read the signs
I become insane
I feel it's there
Creeping everywhere
Let me out

Spoken verse:
Awaken the forces of the inner space
You cannot leave the depths of mind
Depraved thoughts coming up your memory
See the determination of your life

You're on the ride
Through your inner space
I will show you everything
To understand your being

Now I leave this place of doom
Too late, I know I've lost my pool

Another station waits
I know I have to stay

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