We Are The People

текст песни Poltergeist

Opression's ruling our land
The years have past so fast
Many tried to change something
Impossible in the past

But now that there are beter days
And we have changed a lot
We all should stand together now
And tell them what we want

A new horizon's there
Let us take the chance
It's growing everywhere
And life gets a sense

Freedom should kiss our land
We ought to be free but we're not
They try to put us down
We have to change a lot

We are
The People
It's our land and our life

We are
The People
You cannot turn you can't survive

It's time to resign
We have to do it now
The change of the government
It's the only solution

You can't ignore us
Open your eyes and see
You can't go on like this anymore

You know
Your system has failed
There's no need to try again
You've lost our confidence
Long ago, it's too late

Now it's time for you to go

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