Wantz & Needs

текст песни Pop Da Brown Hornet

Yeah they be tellin me
They be tellin me they want it all
They want rings, they want cars
Warrants, lease, cover a lot of area
Homes, they want loans, loot, gear, sneakers
For they feet, all that, all the time
My cats, my brothers, my womens
Taboo who?
I got a question for you
Thanks for covering my warrants

[Pop Da Brown Hornet]
What you want hah? The Mack rubbin ya back?
Or that cat, who keep runnin off with the track
What you want bub? All night sexin?
Or to keep smacked for that chump adolescence
I can only ask, you gotta answer question
What you want? I could copy, hope you get it
But you have to be willin to reach deep down inside
Make it pop girlfriend, we searchin for the props
What you want? A nice long foot massage
With a Lex and a Range in your two car garage
You want satisfaction, to say climaxin
Want your man buyin you new shit, without you askin
What you want? New CD for your DVD
Blaze with the wide screen TV
You want a Dreamcast with a million in stash
House full of ass, bone mix with hash and green
She told me ";Pop, I want a ring on my finger
Get fucked by a rapper, make love to an R&B singer
I want a fat one, slap it on my hot tummy
And after that I want some non stop action";
Boo, pardon me girl for askin
I can tell you like it, no fashion, ass taxin
Flirtin with me, you gon get it
Suckas pull out backs quit, wantin to hit it

Chorus 2X:
What you want hah?
Tell me is really worth havin?
Or do you want it solely for the purpose of braggin
What you want?
Every time we pushin weeded, is it love or lust?
Come on, you can tell me, it's just between us

[Pop Da Brown Hornet]
What you want? win a prize for a real, free hemwa
The weed start actin funny, I bet I'll meet you on your old block
What you want? Constant cash flow
Digital balls, so you can record, what you want?
A record label that's willin and able
To put your product in stores and have you featured in cable
You wanna be able to fuck without condoms
And live the rest of your life with not problems
What you want? A whole lot of this, a whole of that

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