Tiki Lounge God

текст песни Presidents Of The U.S.A, The

I had a girl and she did me wrong
I didn't let that kind of shit go on too long
Split the clouds and divided the sea
Showed the evil girl how nasty the tiki god could be
She didn't call no more nor bother me
My little tiki god make sure I'd live in peace
One day I read they found a body in the river
Tiki God, make me shake, make me shiver
I got a Tiki God... saves me... I got a Tiki God
When Bobby Brady found the idol in the rubble
Had no idea it would cause so much trouble
When Greg tried to throw it back in the ocean
There was a rumble, an awful commotion
Don't ask me how, but the tiki found Bobby
He thought the idol was some Hawaiian hobby
Turned out the god was mean and vicious
Didn't respond to Bobby's 3 wishes
He had a Tiki God... saves him... he had a Tiki God

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